The Tell-Tale Heart

Hi everybody, I just graduated college, so I've been super busy trying to get my portfolio in shape. So I'm really sorry I've been so long in writing this, I've just been so busy trying to get things done, in addition to trying to finish my Halloween costume (I'm being Ursula from Disney's The Little Mermaid).
Anyway. One day, a n
umber of years
ago, I was on the youtube (lol) and I typed in "James Mason." I came across the 1953 Columbia animated short The Tell-Tale Heart, and I just
freaked out. A brilliant combination of elements was presented to me: animation, Edgar Allan Poe, and
James Neville Mason. I have never seen animation quite like this as early as 1953, truth be told. It is creepy, haunting, disturbing, and absolutely beautiful. James Mason narrates the tale, and couldn't be more perfect at doing so. While the words vary slightly from the actual tale, nothing is really changed from the story. I found very little information on this film. It was apparently nominated for an Academy Award for best animated short, and was also supposedly the first cartoon to receive an X rating from the British Board of Film Censors. Wikipedia says that it was originally going to be 3-D, but it never actually happened. If so, it explains a lot of the animation, but I think it makes it that much more amazing that it's not. The surreal imagery is absolute magic to behold. You have to watch it to love it, so here's a link: The Tell-Tale Heart.

Also, here's a picture of the scarecrow I made for a local contest. It won 3rd place in its category! Edgar Allan Crow.


  1. hey smitty,
    that is one cool scarecrow! the art behind it is eye catching too. you have real artistic talent. have you considered opening your own gallery? heck, just work out of your home if a gallery would cost too much. ... now, i must check out that link to the tell tale heart. catch you later, meester veester

  2. Smitty, I'm going to check out the link today. You have really intrigued me about this little movie that I have never seen. Thanks so much for the interesting review and giving us the ability to see it!

  3. I just watched it, and it is wonderful! But I must have missed something. I didn't see anything in there that would have made it rated X. Was there something there that was taken out. I just wondered if you knew.

  4. Hmmm.. Never seen this. Nice work on that scarecrow! Very awesome!

  5. It was considered X-rated I think due to the creepiness and the whole murder theme... basically, it was a cartoon, but they felt it should only be seen by adults... too scary for kids! :D And thanks for the compliments on the scarecrow, everybody!