Hey folks, here's my Ursula costume... I won first prize in the TV/Movie category at a Halloween Parade.... once again, I defeated children in a Halloween costume contest.. it just seems wrong, lol. Yes, I am that jerk who is 23 and still enters Halloween costume contests, despite not having kids of my own or anything. I apologize.


  1. Smitty, I love that costume. Don't worry, age doesn't matter when it comes to Halloween. Congratulations on your first prize win!

  2. WOW! That rocks! PS I'm 43 and my best friend and I won the faculty costume contest at the hs school we teach at -- we were female versions of Skipper & Gilligan! Don't ever lose that free spirit!

  3. Your costume looks fantastic - no apologies needed. I'd love your permission to use this image and link back to your page from my own Ursula the Sea Witch page. My page is located at . Many thanks in advance for your quick response.

    Kind regards,
    Laura Schofield